Kat Ruck Bio

For as long as I can remember I’ve been in some sort of sports, whether its player, coaching or working with teams as their trainer. Whether it’s to better their performance (speed & agility, strength, etc) in sports, create better stress relief, reduce health risks, pre-habilitation, or rehabilitation, find better mindset, find better movement within their bodies, it’s what I’ve focused to help athletes be better at as a Certified Personal & Sports Trainer, Nutrition Coach and JOGA Coach. 

One program I’ve found that has achieved all of these while developing with each athlete as they age and have better understanding of their bodies is JOGA. I’ve worked with athletes from the age of 5 improve and learn from these programs all the way up to the PROs in the NHL, NBA, MLB, and more who use them to recover and keep in the game with reduced injuries from play. 

What does all that mean for you?
These 5 things below are a part of what will happen in a JOGA session that us coaches use.

Specialized breathing techniques will be used to maximize lung capacity, balance the nervous system, increase range of motion, and promote mind-body connectivity.

We use a combination of dynamic & static postures with a focus on centralized movement to balance joint stability, find symmetry in the core structures of the body, build strength, and improve mobility.

Special relaxation tools are used to calm the mind, ease any anxiety/pressure that comes from being an elite athlete & everyday living, & help to reserve energy to become more sustainable.

Cueing is an important part of the JOGA movement system. In JOGA, we use anatomical cues to help you find the proper alignment for your unique body. We work within your body; no 2 bodies are the same.

We understand that athletes are results driven, so we will always help you understand the ‘why’ behind each posture. In a JOGA session, you will develop body awareness & gain the tools to apply healthier, more functional movement patterns in your everyday life.

What makes JOGA so valuable is that it’s not only about improving strength or increasing flexibility. It’s about creating balance in all subsystems of the body to enhance performance, prevent injury, & reduce recovery time, giving you the edge and making this your secret weapon.