About Us

Harmony Hockey offers learn-to-skate and hockey programs designed with smaller groups and more coaches on the ice to maximize learning. Our unique approach ensures a more effective and efficient learning experience, so you can learn the fundamentals faster.

At our skating school, we prioritize quality by maintaining a 1:6 coach-to-skater ratio. We also divide our skaters into small groups based on age and skill level so that each student gets the best instruction and feedback possible. With us, you can trust that your skater will be receiving the focused attention they need to progress quickly.

Our Coaches combine their wide-ranging skating expertise to deliver superior instruction. From Figure skating backgrounds to Hockey, their unified approach ensures learners receive balanced instruction with the best practices possible.

Our skating school provides an excellent value by combining four unique features - no hidden fees, no non-resident charges, no added fundraising costs, and skater insurance included - to give you top-tier instruction without hidden costs. 

Our Academy is the Ultimate Specialized Training Centre for skaters of all levels and abilities. At Harmony Hockey Academy we believe in a “Harmonized” training philosophy. If you want to build a hockey player; you have to build an athlete. Let us give you the tools to build your player with multi level fitness. Welcome to our skating school! 

You can find On-Ice Sessions offered in Owen Sound, Tara and Wiarton,  throughout the year. More locations to come. We offer a wide range of programming including Parent & Tot, Preschool, Kidskate, Intro to Hockey, Power Skating and Hockey Development. On top of our great on-ice sessions we also have a physical location mini facility in Tara. 

The Rinks:

On-Ice Sessions: Our program locations include Owen Sound, Tara, Wiarton. Rink locations can be found on program links. 

Registering is Easy! Ways you can Register:

1. Add sessions to your cart and check out! You will receive email confirmation on your payment with a link to a registration form. You can choose to receive a text or email at checkout. (Sometimes emails go to junk mail so please check your junk if you have not received an email.)

2. Register by email. Email the session you were interested in; and we can book it for you on our end based on availability. info@harmonyhockey.com

* please note the best way to reserve a spot is to checkout online to ensure availability. 


Extra Features:

NEW** Need extra training? Try the synthetic shooting pad: headquarters 48 Yonge Street N; Tara

Hockey Fitness at its best. Mini off ice training area for teams or individual training, shooting pad, virtual reality oculus. New* Incline Skating Speed Ramp

Highest Grade Quality Synthetic Ice Available on the market. Our indoor surface Commercial grade used by the Ottawa Senators and Elvis Stojko. This ice specifically was skated on and test drove by the Minnesota Wild before being delivered to our doorstep! We use the small pad for shooting and small classes and the length strip for stride correction. 

Additional info/questions 

How easy is Synthetic to skate on?

Our highest quality ice is quick and easy to adjust to; most skaters acclimate within minutes. The ice is 10-15% more friction than real Ice and is perfect for training and exercise purposes. The little extra friction you get with our ice gives you great exercise and will help you get more speed when you get back on the ice. You will find improved technique and more power gained in your skating. Any skill you can preform on regular ice can be executed on our high grade ice surface. See why professional NHL players fall in love with synthetic ice training. 

Does it require more skate sharpening? Slightly. You may find you need to sharpen your skates a little more often but it is not substantial. On Lower quality products or other surfaces you have skated on in the past; you may have found you needed to sharpen often. Our ice will not damage your blades and is suitable for all levels of skating beginner to advanced. Skate Sharpening is available onsite by appointment. 

Programs and Training

  • Power Skating
  • Hockey Programs
  • Team Training
  • Private Lessons
  • Preschool Skate
  • Parent & Tot
  • Recreational Programs
  • Adult Lessons
  • Intro to Hockey
  • 3on3 Leagues
  • On & Off Ice Training
  • Day Programs 


50ft Incline Ramp