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Harmony Hockey

Power Skating & Hockey Skills (8-9yrs, 10-12yrs, 13yrs+) Fall 2024 Markdale Wednesdays 4:00-4:40pm Oct 23rd-Dec 18th

Power Skating & Hockey Skills (8-9yrs, 10-12yrs, 13yrs+) Fall 2024 Markdale Wednesdays 4:00-4:40pm Oct 23rd-Dec 18th

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Power Skating and Hockey Skills Program Outline

Program Overview: Our Power Skating and Hockey Skills Program is designed for skaters looking to enhance their skating technique and hockey skills in a focused and challenging environment. Power skating is integral to developing strong foundational skills that enhance speed, agility, and endurance on the ice, crucial for competitive hockey play. This program is ideal for intermediate to advanced skaters who are eager to improve their game and excel on the ice.

Time and Dates:

  • Dates: Wednesdays Oct 23rd-Dec 18th
  • Time: 4:00-4:40pm

Location: Markdale Arena 75 Walker Street 

Program Structure: Skaters will be divided into three groups based on age:

  • 8-9 years old
  • 10-12 years old
  • 13 years old and above

Instructional Approach: Our experienced instructors will focus on advanced skating techniques and hockey skills, emphasizing the importance of power skating. Power skating improves skating efficiency, speed, agility, and endurance, essential for competitive hockey play.

Session Format: Each session is structured to include the following:

  • 10-minute Warm-Up: Dynamic warm-up activities tailored to prepare skaters for the session.
  • 10-minute Power Skating Drill: Focus on improving skating technique, edge control, stride efficiency, and speed.
  • 10-minute Hockey Skills Development: Emphasis on puck handling, passing, shooting, and situational drills.
  • 10-minute Game Situations: Application of skills learned through game-like scenarios and drills.

Enrollment Guidance: This session is intended for skaters at an intermediate to advanced skating ability level. Beginners are encouraged to enroll in our Learn to Play program to build foundational skills. Skaters will be placed in the appropriate group based on their skill level to ensure optimal development.

Join us for an intensive and rewarding program where you can elevate your skating and hockey skills to the next level with a focus on power skating fundamentals!

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